I'm the author of four heavily illustrated memoir/internal-travelogue books - Is Shane MacGowan Still Alive (Flamingo), The Groundater Diaries (4th Estate), Small Town England (Ebury Press) and A London Country Diary (Icon Books). Currently at the research/walking stage of a new travel book.

I've worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for When Saturday Comes magazine since 1990 and also done lots of graphic stuff for The Guardian and The Observer along with various newspapers and publishers (book covers etc). In the field of scratchy/wobbly lo-fi animations I am pretty much unparalleled as the 'CEO', animator, voice actor and pianist at Wobblyfilms, the animation arm of my DIYcreative empire (actually, make that 'democratic republic'). In the rest of the available time I create wang-eyed pop art paintings. That’s when I’m not tramping the streets of London looking for musical instruments, old bookshops or lost rivers, or hanging out with the kids, or touring the Midwest of the USA as part of a fictional country-folk duo. I’ve taken a very non-linear career path to get to where I am. Where am I? In a kitchen cooking tea for my kids and trying to remember to feed the goldfish.